Midwest Business Appraisal

How To Know What Your Business is Worth

Because your business is most likely your largest asset, knowing what it is worth is extremely important. If you have not had a business valuation completed, why not?


In an article from The Hampton Roads Business Journal, author Owen Van Syckle writes, “Business valuation is an important, yet complex, process that is frequently employed in a variety of business contexts. It is generally necessary to ascertain the value of a business when: selling to a third party, gifting interests to related parties, obtaining business financing, establishing a value for estate tax purposes or establishing a value for purposes of a buy-sell agreement”.


In the article, Van Syckle discusses:

  • Standards of value

  • Approaches to valuation

  • Discounts


CPA firms and consultants can help you figure out how much your business is worth. Don’t wait, get a valuation done today!

To read more, see the full article from Owen Van Syckle in The Hampton Roads Business Journal. 

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